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one snail asks another, “have you ever thought that radical ideas threaten institutions, 

then become institutions, and in turn reject radical ideas which threaten institutions?” 

the other snail replies “no”. the first says dejectedly, “gee, for a minute I thought I had 

something.” from Why Man Creates, Saul Bass 

Curator David T Miller 

Ian White Williams, Ambler, PA 

Gabriel Luis Perez, Los Angeles, CA 

Jessica Simorte, Kansas City, MO 

Paul Nagle, Mechanicsburg, PA 

William Lawler, Huntsville, AL 

Lyle Carbajal, New Orleans, LA 

Tom Duimstra, East Grand Rapids, MI 

David Myrvold, Trollhättan, Sweden 

Lorri Ott, Cleveland, OH 

Jason Rohlf, Brooklyn, NY 

David Pollack, Brooklyn, NY 

Melissa Jean Gibson, Sommerville, MA 

James Lambert, Huntsville, AL 

Rosaire Apple, New York, NY 

Brian Edmonds, Huntsville, AL 

Max Manning, Kansas City, MO 

Nick DePirro, Hoboken, NJ 

Stephen B. MacInnis, Charlottetown Prince Edward Island, Canada 

Adams Puryear, Brooklyn, NY 

Julie Alexander, Seattle, WA 

Helen O’Leary, Brooklyn, NY 

John McKie, Carlisle, Northern England, UK 

Julon Pinkston, Houston, TX 

Ludovic Dervillez, Reims, France 

Cyndy Goldman, Oakland, CA 

Mandy Lyn Perez, Los Angeles, CA 

James Prez, Brooklyn, NY 

Julie Torres, Brooklyn, NY 

Tim Schwartz, Philadelphia, PA 

David T Miller, Ambler, PA