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Current Exhibition: GOING BIG! @ Central Booking. NYC.

Curated by Susan Carr and Suzan Shutan

Central Booking
21 Ludlow St., NY 10002

Thurs – Sun., 12 – 6pm
July 30 – Aug. 28, 2015

Susan Carr and Suzan Shutan curated Going Big via friends both on Facebook, and the New Haven CT art community. The show was special as it highlighted artists helping artists both in money donation, curation, in time spent both in installation, photographing, designing invitation and blogging. Susan Carr and Suzan Shutan feel a deep affinity and appreciation for those who have blazed a trail putting forth great shows like this one, folks like Julie Torres who without her wisdom Going Big may not have happened at all. Going Big celebrates all artists and the curators are so very grateful to have each artist in the show for they each brought something special and magical.

Photos courtesy of Susan Carr.  To see more work please visit Anne Russinof’s Gallery Travels blog.


Helen Crawford.

Julie Torres.

Judy Rifka.


Laura Moriarty.


Kevin Daly

Noe Jimenez.

Karen Schifano, Grace Graupe Pillard, Judy Rifka, and Taro Suzuki.

Suzan Shutan.

Suzan Shutan.

Susan Carr

Cameron McMunn Coffran.

Susan Carr.

Susan Carr.



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